Thanks for stopping by! I’m a graduate student/copywriter teaching myself web/UX design (and a little development in the process) skills with sites like this one.

You can check out samples of my work on my Behance page.

Why UX?

Yours truly.

My interest in UX stems from noticing time and time again how human factors affect the acceptance of technology, for good or ill. People will pay a premium for products whose design appeals to them in some way, while seemingly minor design flaws can derail a product.

All that said, that doesn’t mean UX is all squishy feelings and intuition, even though emotions are frequently discussed. Many UX principles are grounded in empirical research. So it’s that intersection of technology and humanity that interests me.

Why Coffee Notepad?

It’s a nod to a design trend I’ve noticed. A lot of the stock images I’ve found that show creative types in action have coffee and notepads in them. Also, the more obvious names are already taken, especially if you want matching social media accounts.

Where to find me

I’d love to hear your thoughts or questions about web design and development. You can reach me on Twitter at @CoffeeNotepad or by email at hello {at} coffeenotepad {dot} com.

Thanks again for visiting!

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