My previous web development experience

Web development isn’t completely new to me. Like many people who were around for the 90’s Internet explosion, I had a page at one of those freebie hosting sites. I used GeoCities; other sites doing similar things at the time include Tripod and Angelfire.


Thanks to the GeoCities page, I learned basic HTML (who else remembers the blink tag?), which I actually managed to parlay into a part-time job some years later. During that time, I picked up a bit of CSS and JavaScript. Since then, I’ve also learned a bit of PHP and Python.

Currently I’m studying more of the design aspect of website creation. I have a strong interest in aesthetics and like it or not, we make judgements based on appearance all the time. Can you honestly tell me you haven’t rolled your eyes a little bit when seeing a website with an obviously dated or even messy design? Hopefully you’re not doing that here.

While I might not yet have the skills to make the website of my dreams, I have always appreciated examples of what to avoid. A site that I discovered in my GeoCities days that is still teaching the children right from wrong is Web Pages That Suck. The most useful part of the site for me is the Daily Sucker, where they feature a real site with problematic design elements. Most importantly, they tell you what they find wrong with the design. Also, because we’re nearing the end of the year, we should be seeing the Worst of 2014 lists soon!

What first got you interested in web design or development? What are your design pet peeves in a site? Let me know in the comments!

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